Jake and Dinos Chapman: Saturday

Jake and Dinos are less intimidating in the flesh than they are in print and the explosive confrontations into which other interviews have descended did not materialise at Hay.  In fact unreserved contrarians though they are they make quite a charming pair.

There is a line and Jake and Dinos are on a mission to cross it, which they did in this interview but in the main it was  engaging and revelatory.  Perhaps the most interesting insight from the session was their reaction to the fire in Leyton, east London which destroyed many priceless works of art belonging to Charles Saatchi including their acclaimed installation ‘Hell’.  In response to the claim that orginal art can not be recreated they are working on a reversioned installation – this time called ‘Fucking Hell’.  Tracey Emin’s famous tent the explicative ‘Everyone I Have Ever Slept With’ was destroyed in the same fire and the artist has been  adamant that she could not recreate it …. so, they claim, Jake and Dinos have recreated it, and they plan to show it and perhaps even produce multiple versions.  I hope that’s true.

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