Twitter Directory for the 2010 Festival

It may not have turned out to be the social media election but it may be the year when social media enters the mainstream at the Hay Festival. We were blogging and tweeting last year but there are simply more doing the same in 2010 and we are not alone. ‘Mostly Reading YA‘ will be there, blogging and tweeting, Cambridge at Hay has a blog, and the twittersphere is alive with comments about the events. That’s why we have created a directory of speakers who are on twitter. We need your help though – speakers especially. Message @Making_Hay, and we’ll add you to the list.

2 thoughts on “Twitter Directory for the 2010 Festival

  1. Will you be using “twitterfall” on screens around site, so people not involved in a session can get a feel for how discussion is going?

    We had one running this year @emirateslitfest, certainly gave a buzz in the reception area, plus we used a simple #tag throughout #dxblit.

    • It’s a nice idea but I can’t really help as this is a fan blog. You could send a message yo @hayfestival

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