Quote of the Day – Christopher Hitchens

This morning, during the Sky News broadcast of Sunday Live, Christopher Hitchens made what must be quote of the day. It was uttered in response to the assertion made by a member of the audience that the Taliban might have welcolmed the invasion and handed over Bin Laden if they had known a restructure of Afghanistan was on offer.

“The suggestion… has some way to go before it could be considered naiive” opined the great ‘Hitch’.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – Christopher Hitchens

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  2. Well, something told me that I wasn’t not the only one catching my breakfast cereals in my throat this morning listening to Hitch. Great fun – even if the remark from the audience makes you worry a bit about the current zeitgeist when it comes to understanding the Taliban and their love for restructuring things = education and democracy.

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