The Hay Experience

There is much in the media about Hay, two major news organisations The Guardian and Sky pitch up in the encampment and there is no shortage of coverage of the literary, political, musical and intellectual goings on.  Like all festivals however there is much more to the experience.

A 10 minute walk from the site is the market town with its odd cafes and second hand book shops.   On site there is Pembertons, the tented book shop, home to the serial book signings and a sure fire celebrity spot shop. in fact the artists mix with the crowd. Monty Don and Roy Hattersley have strolled past.  The Guardian’s John Harris was on the grass letting his young son play with his blackberry a short while ago.  You can sometimes spot them with the white roses that tradition dictates they all receive at the end of their sessions.  In the sunshine there is always a queue for the sheep’s milk ice cream.  There are always hordes  milling around the site filling time between sessions, reading, talking or like me  legs crossed, blogging on the grass.

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