Wellies on Standby

With the Hay Festival just a fortnight away, the weather starts to seep into the consciousness.  The long range forecast for Hay strongly suggests that we may not have the blistering sunshine that blessed last year’s proceedings.

It’s predicted that high pressure over continental Europe will send some thunderstorms to southern England and Wales.  A south westerly winds also means a few Atlantic showers too but mixed with sunny spells.  Temperatures will be around average for late May.

It’s too early to be sure but I’ll be packing the waterproofs.  One of the many beauties of the Festival is that it works come rain or shine.  The tented village with its covered walkways provides shelter from inclemency.

The other thing you can do is bookmark this blog.  As you can see on the right there is a local weather forecast that’s automatically updated.  Take a look before you pack and drop back on a daily basis during the festival to plan your outfit for the day and perhaps read the odd review!

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