Review: Gilbert and George talk to Michael Bracewell

So the origin of the suits was a desire for respectability. Two lower class country boys dressing like artists that your mother would feel comfortable with. “It didn’t quite turn out like that”.

“We want to be weird and normal at the same time. We don’t just want to be weird…that would be normal.”

The artists talked about their love of Spitalfields and East London and their amazement at how it has become such a focus for the creative arts over the years. It used to be home to more tramps than artists; meths drinkers who were both “friendly and dangerous”.

Recently they have stolen nearly 4000 newspaper posters. Gilbert goes into the newspaper to buy a mars bar an George lifts the poster with a harrowing headline. We were treated to a recital giving a verbal clue as to the artworks that will emerge from these thefts.

Conservative anarchists and outsiders they’ve played a central role in changing the art world whilst choosing to behave so badly that they were never invited to be part or its establishment.

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