Review: Chris Evans talks to Anne Robinson

It’s a change of tempo from Jon Ronson’s interrogation of madness that took place in the same venue immediately before. That said, Chris Evans did write ‘Memoirs of a Fruitcake’ and Anne Robinson ticks a fair few of Robert Hare’s boxes.

In a tour through his autobiography Evans talks about the acquisition for £87 million of Virgin Radio and sale for nearly three times as much. When the audience applauds he raises a hand, smiles and says “nothing to do with me”.

We hear of the inexhaustible supply of cars (twenty two), so many that he couldn’t keep track of tax and MOTs. From buying multiple cars he went to buying houses on a whim. One on Wilton Grove, he bought simply because the street name was easy to pronounce to taxi drivers after a heavy night in the pub.

Despite disappearing to the States and hiring private jets to marry Billie Piper after wooing her with a rose filled Ferrari,

We hear the inside story of Chris Evans’ return to BBC breakfast broadcasting and his desire to do a breakfast show again. Evans is grounded. I’m in service and always have been “I serve people who want to listen to the radio”.

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