First Confirmed Names for Hay Festival 2012

Here’s a our first short list of confirmed names for the 2012 Hay Festival.  Simon Callow was announced on the official Twitter on Boxing day and both Hilary Mantel and Tim Minchin are on sale on the official Hay site.  We’ve already mentioned the singing duo Paper Aeroplanes on this blog.  We can’t absolutely guarantee that the others on this list will be threre, but we are fairly sure we are right.  More official announcements are on their way at the end of the week.
  • Simon Callow
  • Jeremy Cooper
  • Rolf Heuer
  • John Lewis-Stempel
  • Hilary Mantel
  • Tim Minchin
  • Paper Aeroplanes (band)
  • Jon Snow

2 thoughts on “First Confirmed Names for Hay Festival 2012

  1. How marvellous. This news, at the end of January, is like shafts of sunlight piercing a blanket of grey. The thought of Hay always brings a smile to my face. And Simon Callow is wonderful.

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