It’s a Bookshop Cinema not a Cinema Bookshop

The arrival of a new cinema in Hay, which we reported back in April, has apparently caused confusion amongst some Festival goers.  Here’s our attempt to clear up the confusion.

  • The cinema in Hay was converted into a bookshop in 1965
  • It is called Hay Cinema Bookshop
  • It is a bookshop, not a cinema
  • Part of a bookshop in Hay has just been converted into a Cinema
  • It is called Richard Booth’s Bookshop Cinema
  • It is a cinema not a bookshop
  • It is in a bookshop though

Hope that clears it all up.  We’ve posted photos to assist and finally if you on Castle Street you are at the bookshop and if you are on Brook Street you are at the cinema. Phew.