Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Saturday

@ThomRobinson Man to his wife in Morrisons: “Well you won’t find tarragon here.” #hayfestival
@nicola_blunders Didn’t go to Caitlin Moran. Had a Jack Daniels instead.

@Hannah_Furness Lovely line from @indiaknight with @mariellaf1 at #HayFestival today: “I approve of appetite for all things.”

@gazpachodragon I’m so very in love with #hayfestival. It’s like another world. A cleverer, quainter, more hopeful world.

@naomidoerge Casual sighting of Hugh Dennis, restrained myself from begging him to ‘SAY SOMETHING FUNNY’

@simonmayo Arriving at @hayfestival everyone asked to check in their Guardian for a complimentary Telegraph.
Some respect must go to Jesse Norman for actually re-tweeting the following:
@kathycumming And finally, after Day 1 at #hayfestival I can conclude that Jesse Norman MP is a complete prat
And quote of the day must surely go to Will Self describing Boris Johnson

He’s an enigma wrapped in a whoopee cushion

Any favourites that you saw which we’ve missed?


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