Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Tuesday 28 May

@InterestingLit #OnThisDay in 1988, the first ever Hay Festival began at Hay-on-Wye. Events included readings by Carol Ann Duffy and Arnold Wesker

@trillingual Like David Goodhart, I haven’t been invited to speak at the Hay Festival either – a shocking attack on my free speech.

@danzyhowells Most of hay festival kitted out in hunters today. All colours. :)

@sarfrazmanzoor Overheard at @hayfestival yesterday: ‘My gout’s returned- I think it’s because of all that dancing at the party last night.’

@CeejaytheAuthor Am now at the point in my preparations for Hay Festival when I can’t remember for the life of me what my book is about.

@IrrepressyBecky could I get to the Hay festival within 45 minutes that’s the question

@dgp202 I want to win the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse award someday. Or I want to buy a pig. Whatever comes first really.

Max’s Hayfever events today

Here’s Max’s review of his day:

‘Today I went to see ‘Don’t Wipe Your Bum With A Hedgehog’ which was really funny. I also went to see Roger McGough who was good too, he’s a clever clogs. Next I went to see Derek Landy, the author of Skullduggery Pleasant and I tried to get his autograph but the queue was HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!’

Max’s review of yesterday


Yesterday Max went to see author and illustrator Jim Smith, then he attended the pop vocal coaching session. Here is his review:

‘On Monday I went to see Carrie and David Grant. They were doing pop vocal coaching, which  was good but aimed for younger people.
I also went to see Jim Smith author of I am (not) a Loser which was excellent because he told us how to draw Barry Loser here is some of my work 😎’ (see picture above)