Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Wednesday 29 May

 @lleucuc  waaaaaa Damian Lewis IS IN THE HOUSE #hayfestival. looking all Hollywood in aviators.
@djy12345 Just seen Damien Lewis @hayfestival. How do I know he’s not wearing one of those special waistcoats from the telly?
@HermsLawton Getting funny looks on the train in my stripey wellies but they are essential for muddy @hayfestival
@MegClement Help me Twitter I am going camping at Hay festival and I am frightened I will die of cold.
@CarolineCraig I had the best chip of my life at Hay festival this weekend.

@_pepperpot  The film ‘Idiocracy’ becomes more realistic every day/Oxford professor in Let’s Say Something Controversial shocker.

@HolSmale “Is there a beer tent?” My father has priorities.

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