Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Thursday 30 May

@MarpleLeaf  Today the challenge at @hayfestival is for our kids to ask a question at each session and discover posh kids’ names.

@MartinRowson I see Etonian hyperwonk David Goodhart’s still trying to breathe life into his @hayfestival non-appearance as greatest attack on freedom…

@RetiringViolet  What happened to the whole “Hay Festival isn’t a political festival” schpiel
@MichaelVaughan Hay Festival was lovely today if a little Muddy… Nice to have a break from Fishing….
@nfshort  @MichaelVaughan Actually you were fantastic. Perfect mix of humour and expert insight. Wish it had lasted all day.
@ElisWilliams2  Next year, as I don’t think anyone will come with me, I am going to the hay festival on my own. I just have to.

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