Lee Mack and meeting Johnny Vegas

This review comes curtesy of my other half who kindly stepped in as i was poorly:

Some days at the festival are better than others. It might be due to (an all too rare) summers day, or being inspired by a great author or poet.

Yesterday was neither of those. Whilst my wife was suffering from what appears to be a much more virulent version of the manflu that I’ve had in the past, I gave away her ticket to see Lee Mack to a grateful stranger (it was a sell out. I did ask him to make a donation to charity, I hope that his conscience made him do so).
Rather than the expected standup routine, Lee was being interviewed about his autobiography, Mack the Life. I always find the inevitable question about how you became a comedian to scratch the psyche a little too deep and provide some uncomfortable answers, and it was the same here.
But once that was out of the way, the funny anecdotes flowed. Lee was very self deprecating on the quality of his work in his early days as a bluecoat at Pontins, and tells a very funny story about his first routine which was planned along the lines of asking where someone in the audience was from. The likelihood was that the response would be Kent (due to the location of the holiday camp) and Lee would then say “What did you call me?”. The joke went wrong, Lee called the audience member an extremely rude word (you can guess which) and he was sacked the next morning.
The Q&A was ended by a rather tall Irish gentleman asking a question about who his favourite comedian was. I didn’t go to Dara Ó Briain’s show later to see if Lee Mack reciprocated.

Prior to the show, I’d gone to the Bulls Head in Craswall for some lunch. It is on the way into Hay from where we are staying, and I can highly recommend it. It is small, and it is advisable to book ahead. Rob, Max and I were playing “Would I Lie To You” to pass the time (Max guessed wrongly that I’ve been kissed by Kylie) when Johnny Vegas walked in. After eating, we spent an hour chatting about The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, Ricky Tomlinson, Hay and cheese & jam sandwiches. A really chatty & funny man, charming all of us.


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