Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Friday 31 May

@CraigMorrison01  Philip glass exits #hayfestival in a helicopter straight off stage that’s rock and roll
@NYR_Jugs88 Portaloo tweet, an ‘ideas tent’, lemongrass pie and PowerPoint stand up comedy, of course I must be at #HayFestival
@Jo_Caulfield My next Tweet will be 1,565,749 characters long & be performed live onstage this Saturday at the Hay Festival hayfestival.com/portal/index.a…
@stevebattle “I trained my attention [on the creative process] the way I would train a dog”, Philip Glass #hayfestival
 @cabbagegrower Many great experiences in my life and the 90 minutes with John Le Carre @hayfestival this afternoon will rank alongside the best. Brilliant.
@GrantRamage Heading up to @hayfestival in the motor with three pork pies, a bottle of Scotch and some Thelonius Monk. Anyone up for an all-nighter?

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