Jo Caulfield

I was still poorly on the Saturday, so my other half went on his own to see Jo – here is his review:

It’s so refreshing to listen to a very funny comedienne, as there aren’t that many about. Jo Caulfield finished her tour at Hay on Saturday, and kept her audience laughing until the end of the set (and then to the end of the queue to buy her CD and chat).

I squirmed with embarrassment (whilst laughing heartily) when Jo said that her husband wore a football shirt to watch his team on TV (like I do), and couldn’t understand why. After all, she said, ‘I don’t dress like a slut when watching Nigella.’

A case of mistaken identity developed into lunch and an invite to an evening wedding reception in a brilliantly crafted story, and the observations on shopping “All Saints; clothes for Dickensian syphilitic orphans” wickedly close to the mark.

The funniest routine for me was how Jo viewed a porn film which she was watching with her husband. I wouldn’t have noticed the matching Dualit toaster and kettle, or the kitchen cupboards, or the fact that when the plumber had fixed the Zanussi washing machine that the housewife put her white blouse in with her red mini skirt to test it.

I’m sure her next show will be just as well observed and funny.

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