Book Now – A Tent Made for Hay

Fully Booked

As the popularity of the Hay Festival has grown and the accommodation in this quiet market town on the Welsh English border has remained static, so more and more visitors are sleeping beneath the stars, or at least under canvas.

Now a British firm has created a tent that’s perfect for the occasion. For big fans of books and fans of big books tent maker Field Candy has created a tent called ‘ Fully Booked’ that looks just like a gargantuan paperback.   Unlike most books the flysheet is 100% waterproof and fire retardant.  There are now plenty of places close to the festival site where you can book a spot to pitch your tome.  At £395 (more info here) it’s not the cheapest tent (or book) on the market, but you do land accommodation that marks you out as a book lover amongst book lovers.  You might even find a second-hand copy somewhere.