Jennifer Saunders, Bonkers.

Yes she is, a little, and endearingly so. Interviewer Francine Stock was mid- introduction when Saunders sauntered onto the stage, looking indignant, clutching a Claridge nursing home bag, cracking jokes. She remarked how someone asked her why didn’t she go on stage alone and talk, reply that she had always been part of a double act, and Francine should regard herself as Dawn French for the duration!

I could hardly take notes for laughing, as she commented on various parts of her memoirs, Bonkers, , which were loaded with humour as you would expect, but what also came through was the warmth and love of her family, her friendship with Dawn, and her honesty.

Almost upstaged by the sudden unplanned appearance of her dog, and a question from a member of the audience who professed her love for Ade Edmondson (who also made a brief appearance to huge applause), it didn’t phase her. I don’t usually read memoirs or autobiographies, but I’m about to go and buy this one. Still smiling!

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