Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Saturday 24.05.14

Back by popular demand we give you our selection of the best tweets from the Hay Festival.  Here’s our round up from Saturday.

 Mary Berry: you can’t have your cake and eat it all
 Soaking up some literary culture at – will need to dry out later
 Definitely feel more intelligent after a day of talks at the Hay Festival, especially when faced with drunk rugby folk back in Cardiff!
 “Did Shakespeare write the works of Shakespeare?” asks himself. “Not just yes, but oh fuck, yes.”
 Carrie Fisher on Star Wars: “We all look a little melted. I don’t suppose they have a 30-year reunion for Gone With The Wind”
 The rain has stopped, I have champagne and clean fluffy socks just got even better.
eagerly looking forward to appearing tomorrow; the supersmart audiences; my gabfest pals, the welcoming mud, the anointing rain
 Edmund White on having to hide in the loo at school if he wanted to read: ‘My ass was completely warped from reading Rimbaud.’

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