Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Monday 26.05.14

 It was fun interviewing PJ O’Rourke just now at . The final question was about Ukip. PJ was clear that he didn’t care for ‘em.
 If that was you in the Tata tent tonight you have got the groove!
 Packing my bag for the Hay festival. Books, hay fever tablets, tickets. In that order.
 Greg Proops absolutely smashed it tonight! One of the most ridiculously intelligent yet hilarious humans on this planet.
 I think I’ve seen enough children under the age of 5 in Hunter wellies and Barbour jackets to last me a while…
 Thing I learned from Ray Davies event at – there’s a Gregorian chant influence in “You Really Got Me.”
 Great weekend at the Hay Festival, my brain feels enormous and enriched and I will definitely be back next year!
 Lynn Barber brilliant at . The interviewer she most admires? “Me”


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