Ray Davies

I was suffering from a bit of what is known as ‘Hay Fatigue’ by 7pm last night when we went to see Ray Davies being interviewed by Dylan Jones. If you want a good seat it’s always advisable to (a) get in the right queue and (b) arrive early – neither of which I managed!

Sitting right at the back, we strained at times to listen to his stories.  I know from past experience that Davies has plenty to tell, his dry laconic wit lacing the tales to entertain us, as he takes us through the swinging sixties.  The Kinks were banned in places in America for their bad behaviour and their drummer tried to kill his brother on stage one night.  Davies confessed that The Kinks never really took themselves that seriously, joking that whilst the other groups and singers were riding down Route 66 that The Kinks were going down the M1.  His new book of memoirs called Americana, recounts their times in the States.

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