Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Tuesday 27.05.14

 Thought I’d be stylish at and wear nail polish this year. Have left blue claw marks across London. This might require practice.
 Great question from the audience – “If Germany’s solar revolution is so successful, why can’t the UK do it?!”
 Science as a social construct, the moon landing hoax, and identifying scientific experts. Fun times
 ·  It’s a bit like a rock festival but for book fans x
 So after Toni Morrison, Alfred Brendel. Not bad for a damp mid-week evening in Wales.
 Anyone else just hear Chris Packham declare: ‘Everyone loves to see Tits in HD’ with a straight face?
 I find astonishing as ever, even though books & authors have tough competition from glorious green hills & the divine Wye…
 I met the man behind the “churchill” ad tonight. Can’t beat and the pink lame coat was to die for!

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