Hay Festival from the perspective of an eleven year old

Those of you who followed the blog last year may remember I was ill, so relied on Pete and Max to help me out. Max enjoyed it so much he’s put together a snapshot of recent events he has attended:

!Hey, Hay! Max’s shout out!
(Not in any order)
So far…

I have been to see Liz Pichon (the author of Tom Gates). She was EXCELLENT as she showed us how to draw ‘Tom Gates style’
Also Liz showed us two short videos of Tom Gates that I have never seen before and they were brilliant!
Here’s her new book (I read it and loved it – would recommend!)

The next thing that I loved was Geeks, Gadgets and Gizmos which was basically three men who love sci-fi and gadgets and write books about it (I bought one by Steve Feasey called Mutant City).

After this I went to see Marcus Sedgwick who gave a really great talk about his book which is all about a girl whose father goes missing and she and her little brother go to find him. That story line might seem simple but the odd and interesting thing is that the main character is blind (I think that that’s a really good idea and I’ve never seen it before!)
But as well as talking about his book he told us that he feels he’s getting followed by the number 354. For example, he once got in a cab and the phone number was 354. Then after getting out of the cab he went into his hotel room and his door number was 354. He has used this number in his book as much as he can, things like if you times 354 by another number in the book you get the number of words in the book, the book ends on page 354, the word dad is said 354 times and so on (it took him ages he said he’s never doing it again and that also his editors hate him!). The book is called She is Not Invisible.

Finally, and the event I loved the most was Charlie Higson (yes he is the one from The Fast Show!) and not surprisingly he gave a really funny talk about his new book that is definitely for at least over 11 year olds as it’s about a disease that only over 14 year olds can get (classic zombie disease) and it just leaves the kids to fend for themselves. I’m reading it and it’s really good!! The book series is called The Enemy.

Thanks for reading!


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