Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Friday 30.05.14

 French culture, empathy, architecture, neurosurgery, anthropology, Berlin + now US naval history, all in 1 day at #WalesStage @hayfestival
 You know you’re old when you get excited by receiving an email from the hay festival about car parking
 My comment that school is crap and basically a waste of time seemed to go down better with kids than parents.
 The is a truly extraordinary, bold & inspiring exploration of ideas. The quest to understand & be understood is alive & well.
 Is there anyone not at the Hay Festival?
 I went to 2nd Glastonbury Festival way back when & have now added to my bucket list. Looks great – & muddy.
 Jolly nice day at ! Now for fish & chips and possibly a drink,purely medicinal you understand.
 What I love about is the spaces inbetween & event connections. Today – themes of morality, pursuit of happiness & prolepsis!

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