Bestselling Books at the Festival Bookshop

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The top selling adult books in the Hay Festival bookshop yesterday were…

1. Henry Marsh – Do No Harm
2. David and Hilary Crystal – Wordsmiths and Warriors
3. Roman Krznaric – Empathy
4. Francesca Martinez – What the **** is Normal?
5. Andrew Hussey – The French Intifada

(Courtesy of the official Hay Festival Facebook page)

Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Thursday 29.05.14

 Most people I’ve seen papping a star since Tony Curtis was in Hay
 No idea how I’ve never read any Toni Morrison as I love Angelou, but saw her yesterday at , and have bought her entire backlist!
 Marvellous evening at . First we saw Chris Evans outside the chippy then podium danced for us.
 Jonathan Mullard fascinating on . Will be looking out for Silurian moths, dormice & hollin trees on way home from
 I should not get excited that one of the places for wet weather parking at the Hay Festival, is Baskerville Hall…
 So I’ve packed for every weather I can conceive of, except snow. I should pack for snow, shouldn’t I?