Are you a Blogger and a Hay Festival Go-er?

20120604-190150.jpgIf you are a Hay go-er and you’d like to review a session or two this year we’d love to hear from you.

‘Making Hay’ is an unofficial blog about the the Hay on Wye Literary Festival.  The blog started in 2009 as a hobby.  In its first year it attracted a few hundred views. Last year it was over 20,000 and at the last count we had 20,809 Followers on Twitter.  Lyndsey, Jill and Pete were all guest bloggers in 2014.

You don’t have to be a writer or blogger but it you know your way around WordPress that’s an advantage (if not I can post the text for you and add your by-line).

I can guarantee it adds to the experience.  Get in touch if you want to know more at

4 thoughts on “Are you a Blogger and a Hay Festival Go-er?

  1. It’ll be our first time this year but we are only going to see Jaqueline Wilson. It’s my step-daughters birthday present so I’m not sure if that fits in here. Great blog though. :-)

  2. Reblogged this on Just Fooling Around With Bee and commented:
    It’s still Friday so I can do my “re-blogg” thing ;-). As we are off to the Hay Festival in Hay on Wye tomorrow afternoon to see Jacquelin Wilson (birthday present for the husbands youngest) I thought this one might be fitting. Even though I am not sure if my contribution would fit. Well, lets go there first and then see about the blogging :-)

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