Now All Roads Lead To Hay

As Hay beckons and a week of nervous perusal of various weather apps comes to a close, decisions of great import have to be taken. After the weather of last year the wellies are, of course, a given. Other sartorial choices remain the subject of in house discussion with She Who Must be Obeyed. The only certainty is that I am sure to pack an awful lot less than her and probably be insufficiently equipped on the sock and other undergarment front.

The other major decision revolves around the choice of reading material for the week ahead. That is something that has detained me a good deal longer than the clothing issue. Whatever choice comes to be made on that front, the only certainty is that way too much will be chosen for the journey west. The six hour trek across country thus beckons on Saturday morning, with Ian McMillan and Radio 3’s The Verb as the lure for an early start from Kent and a correspondingly early arrival.

The rest of the week promises so much, including tickets to see Alan Bennett, Colm Toibin, David Lodge and Jude Law, amongst myriad others. The rest of the time holds out the chance to pause and reflect, to look and linger, to ponder and read, and indulge on the fabulous food and drink that the festival places before you by way of temptation. And like the great Oscar I can resist everything except temptation.