Jill 4 JILL: My name is Jill and I’ve been coming to Hay with friends since 2007, fulfilling one of my ambitions – and now I’m addicted and can’t imagine a Spring bank holiday any other way. I’ve started to write a novel after completing an MA in English – although I can never imagine being brave enough to sit on a stage and talk about it! My husband Pete doesn’t share my passion, so he began volunteering here as a steward in 2009 and loves it. This will be my third year of blogging for Making Hay.

Beth 3

BETH: @calverleybe – I’m a soon-to-be Language & Literature graduate, founding LUU Spoken Word President, performance poet and spontaneous arts reviewer. Having just offered up a dissertation on satire, I can’t wait to kick back and join the Making Hay team for some blog-shaped haystack building! This will be my third Hay Festival, and I aim to get as giddy on literary and philosophical delights as last year (and hopefully just as muddy!) I’ll be writing about poetry, green energy and robots – so if that’s your jam, we’ll get on…



LAURA: @LauraAirton   A Chartered Surveyor with a passion for books and hopes of being a writer one day. This will be my first time at Hay and I cannot wait to fall in love with it.


VIRGINIA MOFFATT: I’m a total Hay enthusiast. I come every year with my three kids – a bunch of bookworms. Hay is heaven for me as I’m both a reader and a writer. I have a flash fiction collection to my name (‘Rapture and What Comes After’ Gumbo Press), I also dream of getting my novel (‘Echo Hall’), and work-in- progress ( ‘The Wave’) published. Who knows? One day I could speak at Hay. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to going to talks, joining the blog and Making Hay.

 IMG00370-20120531-1033 IAN: A lawyer from Kent. Now enjoying new found freedom from the Law. First Play awaiting production in London. All round book fiend. Perfecting the art of constructive loafing.

Blogging for Making Hay this year for the first time.

 DSC_9540 LAUREN: I’m an English teacher. Been visiting the fest for a few years. Enjoy watching my favourite authors and pottering around the bookstores. I have a love of young adult fiction and a particular love of Harry Potter. I blog about my disability; lymphoedema.
 IMG_1120 JACK: I’m an artist living in Cardiff who’s recently co-founded a publishing group with some like-minded individuals, Dead Bird Press. I designed the cover art for the first book we’ve put out, ‘The Death of Danny Daggers’, by a talented new novelist, Haydn Wilks. I’m heading to the Hay festival this year to hand out flyers and spread the word about it.
 Moonantlers SALLY HARROP: (@MoonAntlers):  Usually immersed in numbers and data for a living, I love to escape into books whenever I can.   Been itching to come to Hay for years, and now I have finally managed it.  Yippee!
 Rob ROB: @RobBrown – I started Making Hay in 2009 as a hobby, my day job is running a PR company. It’s essentially a “fan blog” and I had no idea that it would  continue for so long resurfacing annually and it delivered on a shoestring. It has only been possible with the help of these lovely people and others over the years. Hopefully this year it will be better than ever with up to a dozen bloggers sharing their reviews and experiences.

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