Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Sunday 1.06.14

 I refuse to believe is over until I’ve finished reading all the books I bought there!
 My new goal in life is to be Judi Dench.
 The man I greeted with “Hello Derek” at the Hay Festival was the First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones. Career in politics down the pan…
 Haha shit. RT Lee Child says Russell Crowe was ‘too fat and too Australian’ to play Jack Reacher
 ‘Empathy opens the door of our moral concern, then laws and rights wedge it open’. Roman Krznaric
 A little bit sunburnt, a little bit tired after gloriously hot weekend at . And how splendid it was to dance
 So we’re watching Dame Judi Dench & Benedict Cumberbatch springs on stage for spot of joint Shakespeare. Best BOGOF ever
 I briefly met Judy Blume today at MOST exciting. A wise, witty and warm woman.
 Just back from spending time at Hay festival, last show of festival was excellent, real laugh out load fun!
 Back in London after fab Hay Festival. Fully expect to go upstairs and find Benedict Cumberbatch hiding in the wardrobe
 P.S. your loos were glorious. They veritably sparkled, even on the last day!
 Blatantly going to have a literature hangover tomorrow. Might need to buy a new notebook… :)
 I was too overexcited to be seeing the writer-subject of my dissertation speak to actually note down anything she said! Adichie
 One of many great things Dame Judi Dench said was to use sadness & grief “like petrol” to fuel your drive to succeed & thrive

Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Saturday 31.05.14

 oh yeah, went to the Hay festival yesterday, wore a shirt and everything
 “When you enter into a friendship you enter into a contract of sorrow.” AC Grayling
 Just met at – kinda weird after studying his poetry at AS-Level but awesome nonetheless!
 Stood 5 yards away from A.C. Grayling. I LOVE HAY FESTIVAL.

Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Friday 30.05.14

 French culture, empathy, architecture, neurosurgery, anthropology, Berlin + now US naval history, all in 1 day at #WalesStage @hayfestival
 You know you’re old when you get excited by receiving an email from the hay festival about car parking
 My comment that school is crap and basically a waste of time seemed to go down better with kids than parents.
 The is a truly extraordinary, bold & inspiring exploration of ideas. The quest to understand & be understood is alive & well.
 Is there anyone not at the Hay Festival?
 I went to 2nd Glastonbury Festival way back when & have now added to my bucket list. Looks great – & muddy.
 Jolly nice day at ! Now for fish & chips and possibly a drink,purely medicinal you understand.
 What I love about is the spaces inbetween & event connections. Today – themes of morality, pursuit of happiness & prolepsis!

Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Thursday 29.05.14

 Most people I’ve seen papping a star since Tony Curtis was in Hay
 No idea how I’ve never read any Toni Morrison as I love Angelou, but saw her yesterday at , and have bought her entire backlist!
 Marvellous evening at . First we saw Chris Evans outside the chippy then podium danced for us.
 Jonathan Mullard fascinating on . Will be looking out for Silurian moths, dormice & hollin trees on way home from
 I should not get excited that one of the places for wet weather parking at the Hay Festival, is Baskerville Hall…
 So I’ve packed for every weather I can conceive of, except snow. I should pack for snow, shouldn’t I?

Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Wednesday 28.05.14

 Going to my third event with in 24 hours . It’s starting to get a bit awkward.
  best question so far What are butterfly wings made of?
 Carol Ann Duffy & Gillian Clarke were fab, now coffee and eton mess before Toni Morrison (again)! has my little lit geek heart!
 In 30 years, government officials will still be making sweeping predictions on subjects about which they know nothing
 Percentage of people wearing boots at the Hay Festival: approximately 95. Percentage of sunlight: 10.
 Writing is absolutely free. Private. This is me… The fact it becomes public & people like it is gravy – Toni Morrison

Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Tuesday 27.05.14

 Thought I’d be stylish at and wear nail polish this year. Have left blue claw marks across London. This might require practice.
 Great question from the audience – “If Germany’s solar revolution is so successful, why can’t the UK do it?!”
 Science as a social construct, the moon landing hoax, and identifying scientific experts. Fun times
 ·  It’s a bit like a rock festival but for book fans x
 So after Toni Morrison, Alfred Brendel. Not bad for a damp mid-week evening in Wales.
 Anyone else just hear Chris Packham declare: ‘Everyone loves to see Tits in HD’ with a straight face?
 I find astonishing as ever, even though books & authors have tough competition from glorious green hills & the divine Wye…
 I met the man behind the “churchill” ad tonight. Can’t beat and the pink lame coat was to die for!

Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Monday 26.05.14

 It was fun interviewing PJ O’Rourke just now at . The final question was about Ukip. PJ was clear that he didn’t care for ‘em.
 If that was you in the Tata tent tonight you have got the groove!
 Packing my bag for the Hay festival. Books, hay fever tablets, tickets. In that order.
 Greg Proops absolutely smashed it tonight! One of the most ridiculously intelligent yet hilarious humans on this planet.
 I think I’ve seen enough children under the age of 5 in Hunter wellies and Barbour jackets to last me a while…
 Thing I learned from Ray Davies event at – there’s a Gregorian chant influence in “You Really Got Me.”
 Great weekend at the Hay Festival, my brain feels enormous and enriched and I will definitely be back next year!
 Lynn Barber brilliant at . The interviewer she most admires? “Me”