Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Sunday 25.05.14

 Sitting behind Sir Brian Leveson watching a Hay Festival panel debating …Leveson
 On a train back from Hay festival with Jeremy Paxman and a group of kids singing Disney songs. Even weirder when J-pax gets off at Newport!?
 Toumani and Sidiki are the 71st and 72nd generation kora players in their family. Think about that for a moment.
  randomness: chatting to a lady from and discovering we’re both reading “Hideous Creatures” by !
 Stuck in a slow moving mass of people . Like being an extra in a film about intellectual zombies.
 “It’s a good day, isn’t it? Every day you still live is a good day,” Malian musician Toumani Diabate at a cold, wet to applause

Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Saturday 24.05.14

Back by popular demand we give you our selection of the best tweets from the Hay Festival.  Here’s our round up from Saturday.

 Mary Berry: you can’t have your cake and eat it all
 Soaking up some literary culture at – will need to dry out later
 Definitely feel more intelligent after a day of talks at the Hay Festival, especially when faced with drunk rugby folk back in Cardiff!
 “Did Shakespeare write the works of Shakespeare?” asks himself. “Not just yes, but oh fuck, yes.”
 Carrie Fisher on Star Wars: “We all look a little melted. I don’t suppose they have a 30-year reunion for Gone With The Wind”
 The rain has stopped, I have champagne and clean fluffy socks just got even better.
eagerly looking forward to appearing tomorrow; the supersmart audiences; my gabfest pals, the welcoming mud, the anointing rain
 Edmund White on having to hide in the loo at school if he wanted to read: ‘My ass was completely warped from reading Rimbaud.’

Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Sunday 2 June

@rachel_CRCymru @hayfestival we’re here! Very excited to see if giraffes can dance!
@mark_haddon even nicer being up on lord hereford’s knob & away from 4 million compacted book people (much as i love them)
@TracySortwell Last day of @hayfestival  It’s been different, but still mind blowing
@AnnaKHB Can’t think of a better way to spend a sunny afternoon than a singalong with @cerysmatthews
@cerysmatthews Reluctantly leaving Hay en route to Belfast. It was a bloody blast xxx
@rpb85 Overheard @hayfestival this morning: “But then where does one buy Parmesan in Hay on a Sunday, if the deli is closed?”!

Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Saturday 1 June

@LizClifford13 Just saved a lamb from getting run over by the postman. That doesn’t happen in Tottenham #hayfestival
@Pete2Boogie: #firstworldproblems *Alert* the co-op has sold out of The Guardian, but the Spar has a few copies left.
@alexisdimyan Overheard @hayfestival “If a bomb dropped on Hay now, it would wipe out the majority of middleclass population” #hay13
@ashokahir “I wanted to bring a few Higgs Particles with me but they all decayed” a physicist’s joke from Rolf Heuer – “A Remarkable Year @CERN#Hay13
@rcolvile  Am absolutely loving @hayfestival. So many little shops, so many big brains…
@robinlustig: I’ll be heading later today for the digital black hole known as @hayfestival to answer questions from @philippesands at 7pm

Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Friday 31 May

@CraigMorrison01  Philip glass exits #hayfestival in a helicopter straight off stage that’s rock and roll
@NYR_Jugs88 Portaloo tweet, an ‘ideas tent’, lemongrass pie and PowerPoint stand up comedy, of course I must be at #HayFestival
@Jo_Caulfield My next Tweet will be 1,565,749 characters long & be performed live onstage this Saturday at the Hay Festival hayfestival.com/portal/index.a…
@stevebattle “I trained my attention [on the creative process] the way I would train a dog”, Philip Glass #hayfestival
 @cabbagegrower Many great experiences in my life and the 90 minutes with John Le Carre @hayfestival this afternoon will rank alongside the best. Brilliant.
@GrantRamage Heading up to @hayfestival in the motor with three pork pies, a bottle of Scotch and some Thelonius Monk. Anyone up for an all-nighter?

Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Thursday 30 May

@MarpleLeaf  Today the challenge at @hayfestival is for our kids to ask a question at each session and discover posh kids’ names.

@MartinRowson I see Etonian hyperwonk David Goodhart’s still trying to breathe life into his @hayfestival non-appearance as greatest attack on freedom…

@RetiringViolet  What happened to the whole “Hay Festival isn’t a political festival” schpiel
@MichaelVaughan Hay Festival was lovely today if a little Muddy… Nice to have a break from Fishing….
@nfshort  @MichaelVaughan Actually you were fantastic. Perfect mix of humour and expert insight. Wish it had lasted all day.
@ElisWilliams2  Next year, as I don’t think anyone will come with me, I am going to the hay festival on my own. I just have to.

Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Wednesday 29 May

 @lleucuc  waaaaaa Damian Lewis IS IN THE HOUSE #hayfestival. looking all Hollywood in aviators.
@djy12345 Just seen Damien Lewis @hayfestival. How do I know he’s not wearing one of those special waistcoats from the telly?
@HermsLawton Getting funny looks on the train in my stripey wellies but they are essential for muddy @hayfestival
@MegClement Help me Twitter I am going camping at Hay festival and I am frightened I will die of cold.
@CarolineCraig I had the best chip of my life at Hay festival this weekend.

@_pepperpot  The film ‘Idiocracy’ becomes more realistic every day/Oxford professor in Let’s Say Something Controversial shocker.

@HolSmale “Is there a beer tent?” My father has priorities.