Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Tuesday 28 May

@InterestingLit #OnThisDay in 1988, the first ever Hay Festival began at Hay-on-Wye. Events included readings by Carol Ann Duffy and Arnold Wesker

@trillingual Like David Goodhart, I haven’t been invited to speak at the Hay Festival either – a shocking attack on my free speech.

@danzyhowells Most of hay festival kitted out in hunters today. All colours. :)

@sarfrazmanzoor Overheard at @hayfestival yesterday: ‘My gout’s returned- I think it’s because of all that dancing at the party last night.’

@CeejaytheAuthor Am now at the point in my preparations for Hay Festival when I can’t remember for the life of me what my book is about.

@IrrepressyBecky could I get to the Hay festival within 45 minutes that’s the question

@dgp202 I want to win the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse award someday. Or I want to buy a pig. Whatever comes first really.

Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Monday

@MartinChilton  @simonmontefiore tells @hayfestival that #Stalin mum gave ‘Hello-style interviews to Russian press which horribly embarrassed the dictator’
@MissHClose  Best audience question so far @hayfestival, asked of Pixar’s Bobette Buster: “So what do you actually do?” #hay13
@Beaconsgirl  Overheard at #hayfestival ‘half the people here look like they got dressed in the dark’ – but surely crumpled linen is the literati look!
@JesseKAdler That’s it for me, I’m Hayed out. Mind blow, slightly tanned, booked in for next year :) Bye #hayfestival #hay13
@CastleJohnF I love @hayfestival. You can ask a stranger what they’re reading and they don’t look at you like you’re an alien!
@kathycumming  Overheard at #hayfestival Part 5) “these are the most inorganic organic sausages I’ve ever eaten”

@HerbieHerb  At #hayfestival among the guardianistas she sometimes wanted (insecurely) #Pernod & black instead of #Pims just once. #micropoetry

Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Sunday

@nurturinglife  Amusing that so many journalists actually paid for tickets after the free allocation was snapped up #Bernstein

@beth_bate  Dad’s review of @marcusbrig: “Better than I thought he’d be.” That translates as: “Very good indeed and I liked his braces.”

@Kit_Chapman @acgrayling on God at #hayfestival today: “Most of us want to believe, think we believe. Those who actually believe are dangerous”.
@sarahchurchwell Wonderful talk from Hans Blix @hayfestival. On our responsibility in Iraq: “If you break the pot, you own it.”
@henrymackley Are there any beardie hipsters left in east London this weekend, or are they all at @hayfestival ?
@kathycumming Jon Snow rocking double olive corduroy @hayfestival
@MartinChilton Football talk in #Hayfestival Telegraph Tent with @henrywinter – visitor says he once saw #ArseneWenger in Sardinia wearing budgie smugglers
@BoldOmi Woman in front of me in the queue for Colm Toibin has 2 bow and arrow sets. Hope she’s not an aggrieved reviewee. #hayfestival
@discojunk  I once met Ian McEwan at the #hayfestival I was pregnant and he signed ‘child in time’ to unborn baby, love that book

Hay Festival Tweets of the Day – Saturday

@ThomRobinson Man to his wife in Morrisons: “Well you won’t find tarragon here.” #hayfestival
@nicola_blunders Didn’t go to Caitlin Moran. Had a Jack Daniels instead.

@Hannah_Furness Lovely line from @indiaknight with @mariellaf1 at #HayFestival today: “I approve of appetite for all things.”

@gazpachodragon I’m so very in love with #hayfestival. It’s like another world. A cleverer, quainter, more hopeful world.

@naomidoerge Casual sighting of Hugh Dennis, restrained myself from begging him to ‘SAY SOMETHING FUNNY’

@simonmayo Arriving at @hayfestival everyone asked to check in their Guardian for a complimentary Telegraph.
Some respect must go to Jesse Norman for actually re-tweeting the following:
@kathycumming And finally, after Day 1 at #hayfestival I can conclude that Jesse Norman MP is a complete prat
And quote of the day must surely go to Will Self describing Boris Johnson

He’s an enigma wrapped in a whoopee cushion

Any favourites that you saw which we’ve missed?